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    Surana Corporation Limited is a listed company, registered under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 2004, engaged in manufacture, wholesaling, retailing and export of jewellery and import of Gold and Silver.  We are an instantly familiar name among major jewellery showrooms and Bullion consumers in and around Chennai, in Tamil Nadu and across the country.  Our annual business volume is of the order of US Dollar One Billion as on 31st March, 2010.  We are firmly on the high growth path. We have been growing putting trust and relationship before business and no wonder we have a very wide network of satisfied customers across the country and abroad.  Customer driven businesses have never lacked business. We are a 'Star Trading House', a Status Holder recognized for export performance under the country's Foreign Trade Policy.

    We have one of the largest manufacturing plants in the city of Chennai to produce jewellery of every style, design, shape, size and appeal, both contemporary and traditional. This facility also brings out an exquisite range of Gold and Silver Medallions in various weights, shapes and sizes. The manufacturing facility is equipped with all the machinery, tools, kits, design studio and a vast team of best trained and experienced artisans to bring out jewellery and medallions of the best finish and quality.

    Our showroom  in NSC Bose Road, Chennai always bustles with customers buying their jewellery and medallions.  We have recently acquired another showroom adjoining the present one.  The new showroom is being designed to ensure such an experience to the customer that they don't ask more.

    We have established another manufacturing facility in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in  Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ), Chennai in 2009 in order to meet the growing volumes in the export segment. Our unit in the SEZ, Chennai is the highest performer in the MEPZ.

    By virtue of our status as a "Star Trading  House" in the jewellery export sector, we are now an Official Nominated Agency of the Government of India for direct import of Gold and Silver into the country for meeting the requirements of Exporters, Jewellers, Traders and Consumers. We have started branches at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Madurai  and Coimbatore to cater to the needs of Customers of those areas.

    We have also diversified into the energy sector.  In keeping with the country's commitment to reduce  carbon footprint,  we have made a small beginning and set up wind mills to produce 4.25 MW of power and soon we are adding another 20.50 MWs of power. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is currently buying the entire power generated by the wind mills. We have plans to expand capacities in this field.

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