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Board of Directors

    The company's management, growth and diversification is guided by its Memorandum and Articles of Association.  The Board of Directors meet periodically to oversee and guide the day-to-day operations of the company in accordance with the laid down policies. The Board of Directors ensure compliance with all the statutory and regulatory requirements.

Commitment to Transparency

    The Board of Directors are committed  to make sure that all the activities and transactions with the customers and vendors are marked by total transparency.

Trust and Business Ethics

    It is the policy of the company that all its dealings demonstrate ethical integrity and trust.

Investor Confidence

    The  Board of Directors and members of the senior management teams always work towards maximizing investor returns

Sub Committees of Board for oversight functions

    The Board of Directors have appointed several Sub Committee of Directors to oversee proper and timely completion of periodical internal audit of the company's operations, to  monitor timely submission of reports and returns under the various Laws and Regulations under which the company functions.

Honesty and Integrity

    The Board of Directors and the employees of the company act at all times with complete honesty and integrity in the discharge of their duties and functions, without allowing any independent or personal interests to come in the way.
Corporate Governance
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